Smashing Conf Freiburg 2016 – Notizen Tag 1

My notes from the first day at Smashing Conf 2016 in Freiburg.

Vague, But Exciting - Dave Rupert


Book: Sprint – How to Solve Big Problems and Test New Ideas in Just Five Days

Webflow - Design, prototype, and launch dynamic, responsive websites. All in your browser, without writing code.

Practical Blend Modes - Una Kravets


#arttheweb - A collection of articles, talks, and web experiments by Una Kravets based around designing in the browser.

CSS3 Image Filters on Hover

OS X Yosemite Style UI

CSSGram - A tiny (<1kb gzipped!) library for recreating Instagram filters with CSS filters and blend modes.

CSSCO - Photographic filters made with CSS, inspired by VSCO and CSSgram

SVG Color Filter Playground

Lessons Learned Building An Interactive Sheet Music Engine - Adrian Holovaty


Soundslice - The Internet’s finest music learning experience

Google Closure Compiler

The Pragmatist’s Guide to Service Workers - Lyza D. Gardner


Pragmatist's Guide to Service Worker

Check if a page is being requested

if(request.mode === 'navigate') { }

Cross browser:

if (request.mode === 'navigate' || (request.method === 'GET' && request.headers.get('accept').includes('text/html'))) { }

„The claim() method of the of the Clients interface allows an active Service Worker to set itself as the active worker for a client page when the worker and the page are in the same scope.“


Designing The Conversation - Aaron Gustafson


<abbr aria-label="British Columbia">BC</abbr>
<abbr title="British Columbia">BC</abbr>

aria-label is better than title for screen readers, because most screen readers ignore title.

Misc a11y stuff

<a rel="bookmark"></a>

<a hreflang="es"></a>

<a href="video.mp4" type="video/mp4"></a>

🎉🐱✨or: How I didn’t fix emoji in Chrome - Monica Dinculescu


Emoji translate

Manuel Matuzovic

Frontend Developer aus Wien.

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