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Day 93: the lch() color function

The lch() color function allows you to pick colors from the CIELAB color space, which is device-independant and covers the entire gamut (range) of human color perception.

Day 92: relative color syntax

With the relative color syntax we can modify existing colors using color functions. If an origin color is specified, each color channel can either be directly specified, or taken from the origin color and modified.

Day 91: a previous sibling selector with :has()

I’ve already shown much appreciation for the :has() pseudo-class in this series, but that we can use it as a previous sibling selector tops it all of.

Day 90: scoped styles in container queries

Rules within a container query only apply to descendants of that container.

Day 89: higher-order custom properties

Style queries may change the way we write CSS significantly.

Day 88: CSS Motion Path

CSS Motion path allows you to position any graphical object and animate it along a specified path.

Day 87: mask properties

You can use mask properties to apply a mask to an element.

Day 86: the initial-letter property

The initial-letter property specifies size and sink for initial letters.

Day 85: typed custom properties in container style queries

Registering typed custom properties can be useful in container style queries.

Day 84: the @property at-rule

The @property rule allows you to register custom properties.