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form and search landmarks

I wanted to know how well common screen readers and browsers support search and form landmarks. Here are my results:

Cascade Layers are useless*

*if you don‘t understand the problems they solve and use them in combination with other solutions that tackle the same challenges albeit less elegantly and with the downside of limiting you in taking full advantage of selectors, one of the coolest features in CSS, and if you ignore the fact that they can help you organise and manage your own and third-party code.

Day 101: scoping

Similar to container queries or cascade layers, we have another new impactful feature in CSS: scoping.

Syntax podcast episode 623: “Nothing in CSS” errata

I just listened to the Syntax podcast for the first time because they were discussing topics near and dear to my heart, HTML and CSS. The episode is called “Nothing in CSS - 0 vs 0px, no, none, hidden, initial and unset”, and they’re talking about all the things that can be 0, none, or hidden in CSS and HTML. Super interesting stuff, but unfortunately, they got some things wrong. The don‘t have a comment section, so I’m commenting on the episode here in case someone else gets confused by their misinformation.


I just came home after three beautiful days in Amsterdam, where I gave a talk at the CSS Day conference. I’ve watched many inspirational and engaging presentations and had many interesting conversations. My biggest takeaway: The CSS community needs you!

Deleted files in a freshly cloned git repo

The other day someone emailed me and told me that they tried to clone the HTMHell repo, but they only got an empty folder (except for the hidden .git folder), and all files were deleted as if they cloned the repo and immediately moved all files into the trash.

Workshop: Deep Dive on Accessibility Testing

Once again I’ve teamed up with my friends at Smashing Magazine 😻 to share with you everything I know about web accessibility testing! In this smashing workshop we’ll talk about automatic and manual testing, screen reader basics, Single Page Applications, Dev Tools, and more.

details/summary inconsistencies

Scott O'Hara wrote a fantastic blog post about the details and summary elements last year. He explains that there are a lot of oddities and inconsistencies, and he backs his statements with detailed testing.

Invalid at computed-value time

I rewatched Lea Verous’s talk about custom properties recently and learned something I missed the first time I watched it.

It's very likely that…

I repeatedly see certain bad practices in HTML that ironically contain clues for implementing them properly in their class names or in the way they're built. In this evergreen post, I collect them.