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Day 80: container style queries

Container style queries allow querying the computed values of a query container.

Day 79: font-tech() and font-format()

You can use the @supports rule to check whether a browser supports a specified font technology or font format.

CSS color functions and custom properties

I know I’m really late to the party, but I finally understood why people find color functions like hsl(), hwb(), or lab() so appealing.

Day 78: container query units

Container queries come with their own units.

Day 77: block-size, inline-size, vi, and vb

There are logical properties for width and height values.

Day 76: overwriting colors in font palettes

You can use the override-colors property to override colors in a font palette.

Day 75: font palettes

Apparently, multicolored typefaces on the web are a thing. You can use and modify them in CSS.

Day 74: using !important in cascade layers

In order to understand how !important works in cascade layers, you have to understand how !important works generally. The conclusion of this post might not be what you expect.

Day 73: size container features

In my previous posts about size container features I’ve only used the min-width feature, but there’s actually more you can query.

Day 72: the masonry-auto-flow property

If you’re creating a masonry layout, the packing algorithm puts items into the column with the most space by default. This can cause accessibility issues. The masonry-auto-flow property gives us control over the automatic placement of items in a masonry layout.